Woke up with a big smile. I feel so happy and blessed. I have a wonderful family, amazing friends, a loving boyfriend and a great job. I'm blessed to have two places to call home, Africa and Sweden.
I was talking to a friend about how it all began with me loving in Gambia. If you told me one year ago that I would be living here and enjoying every moment of it, I wouldn't believe you. I learn so much from it and I grew as a person.

The only thing that i wish was that my family back home was here to enjoy it with me


I realized that everyone is trying so hard to please other people. But what is the point of making someone happy when you are sad? I'm not talking about my self but to watch people do the same mistake over and over makes me frustrated. Why do we try so hard to get accepted and be people pleasers? Is our ultimate goal in life to make others happy? If that is the case what happens when everyone is satisfied? We stop?

The random conversations I have with my self is crazy..